September 2015


Meeting Information









Topic 1



  • Some teachers are still waiting to receive additional books and would like to know the status.Mrs. Handy was present and shared that a new shipment had arrived and she was already in the process of handing out the additional materials.


Topic 2


Campus display cases

· The outside display case has already been fixed and Ms. Heidi is going to be using this display case. The indoor display case will be used to showcase student work each month. The scheduled was decided upon as follows:

· October- 5th , November- 4th, December- 3rd, January- 2nd, February-1st, March- K, April- Music, PE

Topic 3



  • Concerns were discussed about possibly updating the stage and some equipment.Mrs. Onick said that she would discuss working with the PTA to see if they would be able to help in the cost but this year there is nothing in the budget to help with this cost.

Topic 4


Field trips

  • Field trips are no longer allowed to come out of Title 1 funds and must come out of local money.There is enough local money for each grade to take 1 field trip and the school would be able to cover the cost of the busses.Parents are going to be required to pay for the admission cost and all field trips request must be submitted to the office for approval.If a field trip request is submitted and approved prior to 10/31/15 the school will still be possibly able to help with cost of admission for students but all field trips must apply to TEKS.

Topic 5


Purchase of intervention programs.

  • There is money in the budget to purchase a school wide program teachers must just agree on what they would like to be purchased.Ticket to read, and istation are just a few of the possible options.Reading A to Z is another possibility.All representatives are to discuss the options with their grade levels so that a decision can be made.

Topic 6


Parent involvement nights

· Plans for a math night in late October or early November were discussed. Each teacher will contribute with a math activity that can help our parents understand how the new math is taught in order to help their children at home.

· Plans were also discussed for a multicultural night during the holidays such as “Holidays around the World,” in which each grade level would take on a different celebration to display during the December PTA program.









Karla Onick


Richie Handy

Assistant principal

Leonor Saldivar


Caroline Erickson


Diana Harris

First Grade

Kathy Bryant

President/ Second Grade

Glenda Centeno

Third Grade

Janet Crowe

Fourth Grade

Katerina Erickson


Rachel Garrido