Connections Needham, LeeAnn

Hello My Name Is...

LeeAnn Needham



I am a native El Pasoan and a UTEP graduate. My certification is All Levels Special Education, and I have been teaching the Gifted and Talented for 28 years. I also have my Master Technology Teacher Certification which I am very proud to have gotten.

My Class

My classroom is a 1 to 1 classroom, meaning that every student has a desktop computer. We also have iPads and other digital devices. We use these computers mostly for word processing, research, movie production and presentations. Students are also welcome to bring their own devices as needed. You can visit my other website at <> This site has directions for projects, rubrics, novel study guides, and other information directed to the students.

Personal Information

I love dogs! I have 2 right now along with a cat who thinks he is a dog, too. For many years I volunteered at the Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Nome, Alaska. We usually follow the race at least a little in March.

My other passions are travel and photography. I haven't been to even half of all the places on my bucket list, but I have been very fortunate and have seen many fabulous places. Alaska, Charleston (SC), Maine, San Juan Islands, Canadian Rockies, and Iceland are a few recent favorites.

I try very hard to be a geek, and attend the Texas Computer Educator's Association convention every year. My students are exposed to many different Apps and programs so that they can express their learning in many different ways

You can also tell that I am very wordy.

What is Connections?

Connections is a half-day pull-out program for identified gifted and talented students from Bradley and surrounding elementary schools. Students come from homerooms to me for reading, language arts, and social studies. The classes are integrated so tightly that we call the program Connections.

Here is the announcement from the EPISD Advanced Academic Services Handbook:

The CONNECTIONS program is built around the examination of universal themes and integrates the study of history, literature, writing, and the fine arts.  The curriculum is aligned to the Texas State Plan for Gifted Education as well as to state standards and delivered using Dr. Sandra Kaplan’s Model of Depth and Complexity through the National Association for Gifted Children’s Parallel Curriculums.

 Students are grouped together in a three period block designated as English Language Arts and social studies. Because instruction is thematic, these subject areas are integrated, demonstrating to students the connections within, between, and among different disciplines.